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Pher·Emit® is an innovative patented* general purpose pheromone releaser that offers unequaled user control and flexibility. As of this date, Pher·Emit® has been field tested with a variety of pheromones and pheromone solutions, insect repellants, and fragrances. Pher·Emit® is an active zero-order dispenser; its 15, 50, or 100mL fluid storage capacities allow users to deliver fluids at constant elution rates, ranging from milligrams to grams per day, for durations of hours to months.

Not only can users control and protect their proprietary formulations with Pher·Emit®, they also gain considerable flexibility to target ´their´ pests for detection, study, control and/or eradication. Pher·Emit® is a cost effective alternative to puffers, and a more versatile releaser than passive devices. This makes Pher·Emit® the choice for entomologists, forest health managers, farmers, agricultural growers, organic integrated pest management, horticulturists, landscape maintenance professionals, nursery owners and the like. Pher·Emit® is a green technology and meets the U.S. Government’s green regulation. Pheromones emitted by Pher·Emit® are eco-friendly.

Pher·Emit® is available as an empty releaser to be used filled or as a prefilled dispenser. Pher·Emit® 15 shown in the photograph has a list price of $8.95

Pher·Emit® is offered by Insect Management Products (IMP), a division of Med-E-Cell, and was developed with the assistance of U.S. Department of Agriculture and Forest Service grants.

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